Circe Binx


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Circe Binx

Age 16

Hometown London-Derry

Wizarding Blood status Half-blood

Birthday/ Horoscope October 18th ♎︎ Libra

Wizarding house Hufflepuff

 Wood Type: Hazel Wood
∎Her wand is very in tune to her emotions so if she is too emotional her wand will be finnicky. It works best when she can manage to keep her emotions in check. 

∎ Hazel wood is loyal to its caster as can wilt if its master passes away.

∎This wood type also has the neat ability to detect underground springs of water. Circe considers it a survival feature.

Core Type: Horned Serpent Horn core
∎It is an exceptionally powerful core but it comes with one caveat. It responds to parseltongue, Circe has never been able to speak parseltongue. She views this as a weakness, had she not had such a loyal wood casing she would be concerned her wands allegiance would sway if a parseltongue compelled it to. 

∎This core lets off a musical tone to warn Circe of incoming dangers. making it useful for dueling and remaining ahead of her opponents attacks.  

Flexibility Type: Fairly Bendy
∎A wand with this flexibility tends to be very loyal to its original owner another reason that Circe is put more at ease at the potential that her wands allegiance to her may sway. 

∎ It's said that owners of a fairly bendy wand are well liked. Circe hopes this is true. 

 Wand length: 11"
∎ As a first year her wand is a little difficult to weild, she is not at the ideal height for casting with it at the moment but it stands to reason that she will grow in to it. 

∎ To deal with the difficulty of weilding such a wand length she often works on her grip strength using a wad of playdoh. 

∎ Not only does Quinn take over the responsibilities of a postal owl but he acts as something of an emotiona support animal for Circe. 

∎ Quinn only enters his cage when it is time to go to sleep. He is otherwise hanging out on Circe's person or somewhere along the ceiling of the her dormitories

∎ Quinn's favorite snack is watermelon slices. 

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