Meissa Black


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Poor Meissa Black looks exactly like her mother Bellatrix. The same gray eyes which have become the trademark of the Black family (although without the crazed look), the same full red lips, the same Black typical looks, elegant bone structure on a fragile looking body. Small hands with long elegant fingers used to playing the piano for long hours, and the porcelain skin of someone who grew up inside a dark old house. She also wears black, to accentuate the contrast. When she walks, she glides. However, this is not due solely to good breeding and natural poise as she may have people believe, but to long hours of ballet and walking around the house with a heavy book on her head. Meissa smiles often of her beautiful red mouth showing rows of pearly white teeth, but the smile never reaches her eyes, as if her soul was forever clouded by the history of her family. She barely inclines her head in polite greeting, and her smile often turns to a smirk, as if she knew something compromising and exceedingly amusing about everyone in the room. In public, she is always impeccably dressed, her hair braided up into convoluted designs with special meaning for those few who actually study Arithmancy.


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