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Age: 16

Patronus: Erumpet

House: Slytherin

Wand: Fir Wood with a Unicorn Core, 11 1/2 inches 

Wand Flexibility: Rigid

Boggart: Needles

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Pet: Iris, Tawny Owl.

Animagus Form: Black Wolf

Height: 5'4

Personality: Extrovert but shy

Likes: Animals, reading, drawing, adrenaline junkie, french fries

Fears: Throwing up, death, heights, needle

Appearance: Blonde hair, grey eyes


I was sorted into Slytherin. Honestly, I don't know why I was sorted into it. I was a hatstall, but I really enjoy being in Slytherin. Still trying to figure out a schedule for my classes, but so far I'm doing well in them. I'm really good with casting spells, but under pressure my magic often stalls. After I finish school I want to open up a shop in a muggle town by the lake where I can subtly help the people living there. I want to move around a bit first, because I really want to see the world. With magic, I can sometimes be a touch selfish, but I try to balance it out by helping others. To be honest, I just really want to be important magic wise. I want my life to always be magical, even if its just in a house on the lake with my 8 million cats. I have a twin sister that I often argue with. I'm coming here because I want to branch out and be my own person. Fair warning, Calypso obviously isn't my real name.

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