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♢ Contact Info ♢

Email: winniebug80@gmail.com 

Discord: WinnieBug80#7358

Wattpad: @WinnieBug80

Pinterest: @WinnieBug80


“If I open the door to heaven or hell. No wealth, no land, no silver, not gold. Nothing satisfies me but your soul.”

- Oh Death, Amy Van Roekel

♢ Small Info ♢ 

Name: Camila Evelyn [Last Name not Getting!!]

Nickname: WinnieBug

Height: 5’7

Star Sign: Libra

DOB: October 2nd

Eye Color: Brown

Tattoos: Snake [wrapped around right wrist], Butterfly [Behind left ear], Pureblood [Down Middle finger]

Hair Color: Brunette with Blonde Highlights [Originally was, Blonde]

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading [Mostly Fanfic’s], Gaming, Having Fun, Painting, and Horseback Riding.



♢ Starter’s ♢

Harry Potter || Remus Lupin x Sirius Black || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp

Harry Potter || Regulus Black x James Potter || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp


♢ Original Character’s ♢ [All Oc’s are Bisexual]

Muggle: Female

Bailey Ava-Rose Lozano

Marley Celeste Meadows



♢ Banned ♢ [One Warning!]






♢ Wall Rule’s ♢

‣ Be polite, to those who post or otherwise I will ban you and then block you!!

‣ Don’t post on starter’s, that are on my page please since it’s considered rude!!

‣ Do Not Post, group Advertisements, Games/Quizzes, Asking me to Join, or anything in that Nature Please!!

‣ Please, don’t ask me to be friends, just add me please since it’s really easy to add me!!

‣ Don’t be Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, or Childish as I won’t except any of that behavior!!


♢ Roleplay Rule’s♢ 

‣ Please, give me time as I do have a life outside of the screen so, please don’t spam!!

‣ Help write the Action/Plot Line/Romance. Or anything in that Nature as I won’t be doing all the work myself!!

‣ Write at least, a paragraph please, as I don’t do one-liners or semi liners at all!!

‣ Don’t use Asterisks [**] please, since it just confuses me whenever they’re being used!!

‣ If you have any triggers or anything let me know so I can avoid them, as I’d hate to stop the Rp!!

‣ Make the story interesting if you, have twists or turns you’d like to throw in go for it alright!!

‣ If you plan on stopping the Rp let me know instead of ghosting me please it’s really annoying whenever it happens!!

‣ Don’t ask me to change my writing style if you don’t like it then don’t reply or ask to Roleplay with me!!



**Stuff I won’t accept doing**

♡  Adoption

♡  Human x Anything

♡  Controlling

♡  Abusive

♡  Toxic


Fandom Roleplay’s: I know more, just ask!!

♡  Harry Potter

♡ London Has Fallen

♡ The Last of Us [Video Game]

♡  Chronicles of Narnia

♡  Chronicles of Spiderwick

♡  Criminal Minds

♡  The Nun

♡  S.W.A.T

♡  London Has Fallen

♡  Bodyguard

♡  Extraction

♡  Red Notice

♡  Six Underground

♡  Hunger Games

♡  Twilight

♡  Maze Runner

♡ The Conjuring: Devil Made Me Do It 

♡  The Conjuring: 1 and 2

♡  Black Butler

♡  My Hero Academia

♡  Walking Dead [Tv Show]

♡  FNAF 

♡  Until Dawn

♡  Little Hope 

♡  The Quarry

♡  The Devil in Me

♡  Man of Medan

♡  Yu-Gi-Oh

♡  Dragon Ball Z [Series]

♡ Stranger Things 

♡  The Witcher

♡  The Last Kingdom

♡  Fast and Furious


Ship Roleplay:

♡ Luna x Ginny 

♡ Harry x Draco

♡ Blaise x Ron

♡ Neville x Pansy

♡ Hermione x Harry

♡ Ron x Draco 

♡ Ginny x Hermione

♡ Cedric x Harry 

♡ Remus x Sirius

♡ Regulus x James

♡ Molly x Lily 

♡ Luna x Hermione

♡ Dorcas x Pandora

♡ Bellatrix x Lily

♡ Severus x James

♡ Sirius x Dorcas

♡ James x Remus

♡ George x Harry

♡ Hermione x Luna

♡ Regulus x Remus

♡ Molly x Arthur 

♡ James x Sirius

♡ Harry x Fred 

♡ Draco x Ginny

♡ Ginny x Blaise

♡ Hermione x Ginny x Pansy 

♡ Regulus x Lily x James

♡ Luna x Ginny x Pansy

♡ Regulus x Lily

♡ Ginny x Harry

♡ Pansy x Blaise 


Muggle Roleplay:

♡ Friends to Lovers 

♡ Mafia Leader x Parent

♡ Mafia Leader x Victim

♡ Enemies to Lovers

♡ Doctor x Patient

♡ Yandere x Anything!

♡ Hunter x Victim

♡ Princess x Bodyguard

♡ Prince x Bodyguard

♡ Princess x Stable Girl

♡ Princess x Stable Boy

♡ Prince x Stable Boy

♡ Prince x Stable Girl

♡ Queen x Servant

♡ King x Servant

♡ Villain x Hero

♡ Innocent x Protective

♡ Mother x Daughter

♡ Father x Son

♡ Mother x Son

♡ Father x Daughter

♡ Cheerleader x Unpopular Student

♡ Football Player x Unpopular Student

♡ Teacher x Student

♡ Principal x Student

♡ Sister x Sister

♡ Brother x Brother

♡ Sister x Sister

♡ Cousin x Cousin

♡ Aunt x Nephew

♡ Aunt x Niece

♡ Uncle x Niece

♡ Uncle x Nephew

♡ Next door Neighbor x City Girl

♡ Next door Neighbor x City Boy

♡ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Daughter

♡ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Son

♡ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Daughter

♡ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Son




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