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Asa • they/them • neutrois. Likes books, dark green, forests, & transfiguration. Not really a people person, but has a soft spot for chocolate.

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It's rather odd, being a student here in Hogwarts as a member of Slytherin House. I realise that house allegiance is less emphasised and inter-house competition more friendly these days. But it is a little bit awkward being the first Slytherin in the family after thirty generations of Gryffindors. In my family, it was only recently (two generations ago) that my great-uncle married a Ravenclaw lady and even then, it was considered quite unorthodox and frowned upon by some of the older folk at the time. It would be a little more bearable had I not had any family attending Hogwarts at the same time, but unfortunately, my older brother Magnus is here, as are a number of cousins and even a professor, all of whom are in... you guessed it... Gryffindor.

Anyway, enough quibbling about houses. I was born in Northern Norway, but my family moves very frequently due to the nature of our parents' work, and have lived in over 6 different countries before settling here in Hogwarts. I rather enjoy things such as board games, reading, and experimenting with spells, unlike my siblings and cousins who mostly seem to enjoy partaking in senseless brawls and duels held on broomsticks. Don't get me wrong, I do love a good broomstick ride - one of my favourite outdoor pastimes is going as high as I dare on my broomstick and just enjoying the peace, quiet, and cold air up there.
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