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I am a Ravenclaw, but was almost sorted into Hufflepuff. My wand is 14 1/4 inches long and is made of Ash wood with a Unicorn Hair core. Some of my favorite classes include Herbology and Charms, but my least favorite is Divination. With me at Hogwarts is my black cat, Lily. She primarily keeps to herself and enjoys spending time in front of a window where she can watch owls and bask in the sunlight. My younger sister also attends Hogwarts; she is three years below me and is a Slytherin. I am a half-blood and was primarily raised in a non-magical household, with the occasional glimpse into the magical world. My greatest strength is my sense of organization, but I can tend to lack steady motivation: it comes in short bursts of energy at a time. After finishing school, I aspire to work in the Ministry. To me, the most fascinating aspect of magic are the plants and creatures of the magical world. I primarily want to use magic to help others, and to help the planet. I have big ambitions but modest plans for my future; I wish to become a big name and hold a powerful position, but maintain a simple lifestyle in a small cottage with a family.
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