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So... what can I say about myself? Hogwarts graduate, and the only Ravenclaw in an all-Slytherin-pure-blood family proud of its... ugh, tradition, I guess? I can't exactly remember how that happened, but the Sorting Hat sorta' made that decision and I was, like, "I guess it's alright, right?". Don't take me wrong, I learned to love being a Ravenclaw for the whole duration of my magical education, but sometimes I just can't help but think that, maybe, that Hat screwed by sorting someone as lazy and easy-going as me into a house for nerds and workaholics. No offense! I'm a huge nerd myself; just not a "school nerd" per se... Err, never mind. Maybe a little. I really did love History of Magic, and Potions and D.A.D.A. and Transfiguration after all, and somehow managed to get top scores at tests for those subjects several times... So why am I not being remembered as a honor student for my generation, you ask? Well, let's say I didn't like doing homework, or projects... or any type of schoolwork, to be honest. So, yeah, there you have it. Not a model student, really. Nothing to see here, move on!

Wait. Maybe you shouldn't go just yet; I mean, it was kind of nice from your part to have stayed here up til' now, hearing me ramble about school days. I know! Let's be friends! I'm currently working at the Magical Law Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Magic (pretty neat, huh!), so I’m pretty sure I can come in handy sometime. You just have to ask!
So, as to why I’m working there… well, it’s a long story, so I would prefer to talk about that over a cup of tea and some cookies sometime later. Speaking of cookies, I’m not one to brag at all, but I seriously bake the best pastries in many miles around. Like, seriously. Even my cats love them, and they really have a tongue for the gourmet, you know. S-so, well. I digress.
It’s been a pleasure to meet you. You can call me Three, or Dollar, or Billy (just be careful to not overuse that, or I might be mistaken for a guy named Bill. Or Will. Or William). Ugh, never mind. You can call me Anne, although that only goes for my Friends. Uhm, but I guess we are Friends already, are we not? Yeah, it’s fine. A pleasure to meet you, yada-yada. Now, excusez-moi, I have tons of paperwork to deliver, and it won’t be writing itself. Oh, wait. Yes, it will! Haha! Bye-bye!
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