Elliot Knight

Magical Creature Expert

I am the happiest guy in the whole world. How do I know? Because I created my own Happiness Recipe! No, I am not kidding. I really wrote it.

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I am a half-blood. Wizard father and muggle (or no-maj) mother. But both of them never told me about this wizard stuff (something abouy wait 'til I was prepared or anything like this). Anyway, I discovered evertything seeing my father waving a stick and suddenly all furniture started too levitate! I was seven.

Naturally, I demanded an explanation to my parents. I mean, living as muggle, magic and witchcraft wasn't part of my days. So, it was impossible for me to understand all that. Furniture don't simply levitates in your living room, got it?!

That was definitely the most weird day in mt whole life, until now. Suddenly, I became a hal-blood young wizard and that isn't a thing you can just... You know... Understand at first. I only swallowed after about three days. And the story continues... My father told me about the witchcraft schools, and explained that there was one, in Brazil, called "Castelo Bruxo", but after a loooooong conversation, we decided I should apply for Hogwarts, in England. The speaking wouldn't be a problem, and we waited the next four years, until I receveid a letter about my admission in Hogwarts.

And when I thought we were going by plane ... SURPRISE!! The three of us simply desapear in the air, and reapeard ind London. It was (I learned after) the called "apparition". We went to strange pub (which nobody else could see), the famous The Leaky Cauldron, and then to the even more famous Digaon Alley. And I have to say... What amazing place!! It was there I earned my wand, of alder tree with unicorn mane as core, and a famele barn owl as a pet, which I gave the name of Tsuki. My wand and I took an immediate liking to each other, and it has been my friend ever since. She has saved my life more than once, that’s for sure!

Some days later I got the Hogwarts Express and, after some trip hours, I was finally there. Again, it was amazing!

The Hat sent me to Revenclaw, and I spent my years studying everything I could about magic and witchcraft. The most I learned, the more I wanted to learn. Potions, charms, transfiguration... Everything. I applied to the Quidditch team in the third year (receveid a big failure trying in second year). I expected the seeker position, but became a chaser, what was actually my real skill during the game. Favorite class? Magical Creatures. The wizard world, with all these fantastic beasts and animals... Well, you got it what I mean. The... less favorite? Potions. Why? Well, don't know about you, but I really hate the smell of thos mix during classes.

During my years in Hogwarts, I got real good grades (OK, not the BEST grades, but it was good enough for me) and, after formed, started my own researches abouy magical beasts. Unicorns, trolls, dragons, centaurs, elves, demiguises, bowtruckle... Until now, I try to learn all about all creatures of our magical world. As you problably guessed, my "hero" is Newt Scamander. As him, I travel the wolrd to study and discover new creatures. Even I am not directely connected with the Ministry, I help the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, when they need.
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