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Being the first of my family to be sorted into Ravenclaw was strange. My father was placed into Horned Serpent at Ilvermorny, while the rest of his family was scattered into the other houses. Mainly Thunderbird and few in Pukwudgie. Even fewer in Wampus. But mother. And her family. Everyone was sorted into Slytherin, for years. I was the first to not be sorted into Slytherin. And I won't lie, it was a bit of relief. I'm not pureblood. My mother is, but my father is half-blood. But, I remember still being scared that I was sorted into Ravenclaw. And it wasn't exactly a quick decision, but it didn't take forever like it did with some people. I would love to know specifically why the Hat hesitated. Everyone always said that those in Ravenclaw were so clever. I never thought of myself as such. But mother would always tell me that there's more to Ravenclaws than that. I guess what makes me a Ravenclaw is my eagerness to learn. There's so much out there and you will never know it all. I'm nearly always looking for any opportunities to learn more. During my time here with other Ravenclaw's, I've come to find out that it actually fits me more than I thought. I've learned a lot about myself, and it honestly makes sense. Creativity and originality. Those are core ideals that float around in me. And Hogwarts offers many opportunities to express these. My favorite subject, Defense Against the Dark Arts. And while studying this subject, I'm secretly teaching myself Dark Arts. Not something I'd mention to people, but it does interest me. Divination is something else I'm so enthralled with.. I've become quite good at it! And while I'm not the greatest at it, I love potions. I'm lucky to have had a classmate turned friend to help me along. I remember taking Muggle Studies. I found it boring as my parents had already taught my siblings and I about Muggles. Ah! My family! I have three siblings. Two older, and one younger. All sorted into Slyterhin. My younger sister, Charlotte, was hoping to be sorted into Ravenclaw like me. But like my mother told me, I told her that she would come to find out that Slytherin is the fit for her. She and I are close. Unlike my older siblings and I. Athena is busy with being a Spell Researcher. I don't get to talk to her as often as I used to. And I haven't heard from my brother in a long time. Evethrein nearly dropped out of Hogwarts several times. And after he graduated, he became a “Curse Breaker”. That's what my parents tell us, but we know it's not true. It just gives the excuse that he travels, so that's why we don't see him. But again, we know there's something else going on. We just don't say anything. To be honest, I'm not surprised. He always seemed to have different opinions than the rest of the family. And I would often hear him and mother arguing about...things I won't mention. I'm not supposed to know. But like I said, I like to learn. And when it comes to my family, I learned a lot. The dark past and everything. My mother was no longer held at a high standard for her pure blood status. Not after marrying my father and teaching her children that, “Just because you are born of magical blood, does not make you better than others. And it does not mean that you should use it to achieve your own selfish goals”. I agreed, but, the last part seemed to come from a place of experience of some sort. Anyways, I have a feeling that's what Evethrein is off doing. Something related to the not so good part of the family. But, while those two are off doing that. Charlotte has been decided from what seems like birth that she wants to be a healer. As for me, I'm not certain what I wish to do or be. I've played around with idea of Curse Breaker, an actual, Curse Breaker. But I'm not sure. Although I'm sure that it'll come to me eventually.

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 24

Wand: Hawthorn wood with a unicorn hair core, 10 ¾" and suprisingly swishy flexibility

Patronus: Orca

Pet: Owl named Nova


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