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Half way through my time at Hogwarts (about a fourth year), I feel myself at a crossroads. Most of my friends came from Wizarding families, so they knew who to take to for advice about classes, homework, etc. I was Muggle-born, and while there wasn't much of a stigma against my kind anymore, there was certainly a lack of resources.My own parents, no matter how hard they tried, could hardly give me more advice than "Do what makes you happy!" attached with the asterisk of "and also allows you to be independent once your graduate."

My friends have also tried to help, but most of them are also Muggle-born too. I also hang around students mostly from other countries, since I'm not from the UK myself. I just feel like they understand me better since we're all far away from home.

I love pretty much all my classes at Hogwarts because I have always loved to learn, but I know I'm at the point I need to pick something. As much money I think I could make with Potions, I'm not that great at it, even though the Professor is extremely patient with me. I really enjoy Ancient Runes and languages, but those require a lot of discipline when I would rather just study for fun. When I'm not in class, I'm usually in the library studying, or helping out with extra work from Care of Magical Creatures. I'm not good enough to do much with it as a career, but I just love working with animals.

Hopefully I can find something to focus on well before next year when I have to take my O.W.L.s
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