Tír na nÓg Rethen

Dark-Wyld Fae

Hi! My name is Tir. I'm not a witch, but I practice magic. I am actually a different creature altogether. A celtic Fae. I am a dark-wyld Fae. look it up. ;)

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My name is Tír na nÓg Aisling Rethen. (TEAR-na-NOG ASH-ling RETH-an.) I know, it seems strange. However, it makes sense once you know a little more about me. My family is mostly a Irish on my mothers side, so I was named Tír na nÓg, which is they mythical irish land of youth and beautify etc etc. Sort of like the irish version of Wonderland, or Neverland.
Because of this, I am super obsessed with celtic mythology and my irish heritage, so i spend a lot of time researching that kind of stuff.
Of course I was super excited when i got my Hogwarts letter. Surly this would give me a chance to make some new friends, learn, and to become a great person! I always wanted to be known, and to maybe be aknowledged for being me. Most of my life i've just been a normal, averadge, though slightly "crazy" girl. Someone with too much imagination, who has a habbit of getting iinto trouble. At hogwarts, i hope my reputation can change into something better. Maybe here my quirks are a good thing!
My wand is Fir wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ½" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility.
I'm not a witch, but I practice magic. I am actually a different creature altogether. A celtic Fae. Since i do not belong to the summer court, winter court, or really any court, I am part of a group of fae called Wyld. However, I relate closest to the dark far of the dark court. Therefore, I am called a dark-wyld fae. Thats the simple version. It's really a bit more complicated.
I'm a little bit shy and nervous when you first meet me. But once we become close friends, I adopt you as part of my "pack." (it's a trooping fae thing. look it up.) I'm really a fun-loving mischievous person, but at first i will be pretty shy and hard to get to know. Don't worry. its not you. ;p

Alright any other details?
I am dark brown / black hair, and green / grey eyes with gold flecks. I don't play many sprots but I love to read and and I like to just walk around outside and explore. I also love storms. Big ones. With lightning and thunder.
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