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I'm a Ravenclaw, mostly because school is the only thing I'm really good at. The Sorting Hat decided pretty quickly for me, though it was definitely going back and forth between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. I think Astronomy is really fascinating so far and honestly haven't gotten far enough to have a least favorite yet. I'm a half-blood, my dad works for the Department of International Affairs at the Ministry of Magic and my mom just has an ordinary Muggle job. It's been kind of neat getting to see both worlds as I grew up, having the chance to go to a Muggle school before coming to Hogwarts and also hearing and seeing a lot of stuff about the Wizarding World from my dad. When Voldemort came back to second time, I was too young to really understand but I knew that there was some scary stuff happening and I could see how worried my mom was about my dad with his job. I would say that being pretty smart is one of my strengths, but my weaknesses definitely revolve around my social anxiety. I have no idea what I want to do after school as there are so many options in both the wizard and Muggle world. To me, the endless possibilities of magic are the most interesting part, and I can't wait to dive into those possibilities. I would say that in the end, whether it's in the wizard or Muggle world, I want to use my strengths to help others, but if I'm being honest part of that comes from a selfish want of fame and attention, although I mainly just want to make the world a better place. I have a dog named Oscar and my family all share an owl named Goose.
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