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I was a Gryffindor student, a half-blood. I came to Hogwarts and my parents were so proud to have another Gryffindor in the family. However, tragedy struck my seventh year and I was in Quidditch accident - rogue bludger to the head, 'nuff said. I haven’t left the school since then. I tend to avoid the outside areas, especially the Quidditch pitch - I was almost happy when they turned it into a maze for the Triwizard tournament, but then they reverted it back to the Quidditch pitch. I enjoy spending time with the students and especially enjoy playing some practical jokes on them! I'm not "friends" with Peeves so-to-speak but I do think of him almost like my idol.

I haven't left the Hogwarts as it has always been my home. My family always said they were proud to have another Gryffindor in the family, but they were never around as they had very important roles with the Ministry. And they were only ever proud so that they can show off to their colleagues and peers. My successes were not ever really that important to them unless it helped with their reputation. So home never felt like home. Hogwarts welcomed me with open arms, a single-child; a loner, never truly loved by their parents. I was never able to finish school and take my place in the real world, but at least I can stay at Hogwarts forever.
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