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A true Ravenclaw completes every 1st-4th year class and extra credit assignment despite being able to choose LITERALLY ANY COURSE ON THIS WEBSITE. (help me...)

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It's nice to meet you, I'm Alyssandra Estée Blanchett, but just call me Ally! Despite being a half-blood, I grew up in a purely muggle household in France (Donc je parle le français, évidemment) with my father until something I don't wish to talk about happened when I was nine and I was carted off to my wizard grandparents' house. Even now, seven years later, I still find myself in awe of even just simple magic, practical magic, and because of that my favourite subject is Charms. I also enjoy Transfiguration (I dream of one day becoming an Animagus), and it's my best subject- I'm absolutely ecstatic to learn apparition this year. Strangely enough, another subject I thoroughly enjoy is Muggle Studies, and as I grew up in a Muggle household, this subject becomes a bit of a fun break from the stress of my other subjects, like Ancient Runes and Arithmancy, and...well, there are too many. I hold an O average in every subject, but you don't want to know the amount of effort and emotional breakdowns it takes to keep that up. Aside from Muggle studies, my favourite stress-relieving past times are music- I've played piano for seven years, memorising vocabulary for some obscure language (that's right, I'm THAT Ravenclaw) and learning quirky new Charms I've seen in books. I mean, if you ever need to know how to fluff a pillow with a single spell...Mi estas via knabino. *Insert variations of that sentence in, I don't know, probably Scottish Gaelic or Pirahã or something*
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