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Non-biased, likes everyone until they give me a reason not to, doesn't hide who I am, enjoys talking to and helping others, questions? just ask :)

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I was born pure blood in 1988, but, my parents raised me to love everyone no matter origin. SO here I am, I may be a Slytherin. But, I fit in with the group of Slytherins that don't give two craps where you're from or you family history. I'd say my dream is to keep house rivalry at fun only and not hate.
I love astronomy, DADA, divination and potions. Those I would say are my favorites. The reason I love astrology is because I have always had a strong love for the night sky, it's peaceful and quiet and being out late looking at the sky people tend not to be around it's a good time to collect ones thoughts.
I have a strong interest in Defense Against The Dark arts, because I am intrigued on how to protect ones self and the spells that might hurt you as well. It's good to know and recognize a threat. I have also took precautionary defense classes, the muggle art of Kempo, it's a mix between kick boxing and mixed martial arts. So, wand or not I am not defenseless. haha.
As for deviation, it is a family trait. Starting from as far back as my great grandmother on my father's side, there have been skilled divination users. I have a deck of tarot passed down from my grandmother that works quite well. It's never failed to give a accurate answer. My mother also dabbled a bit in divination. My crystal ball and pendulum dowsing comes from her. She also passed a deck of tarot to me. She also did past life regressions, and that's where my screen last name comes in. I was regressed by her and when she brought me out of it, she told me that I kept saying things about being called Pendragon and that I was upset someone I trusted let me down. She said that I said they let me down by betraying me and ultimately killing me. Just a interesting memory there. then I started using the name in middle school, my literature teacher asked me why and I just told her it just felt like me and I wasn't sure. At this point I didn't know anything about Arthurian legend either, so my teacher started telling me about it and I was shocked for obvious reasons. I didn't tell her about my Granny. But, after that my teacher decided to start Arthurian legends early in class, just because of me. AND NO I'M NOT JOKING!
Then finally potions. Muggles would call me a kitchen witch. I can make any herbal remedy flawlessly if I have the ingredients in my inventory. I also work with magic oils and mixed liquids. Mostly for protection or to ward something off.
My personality is lax yet fun and jovial. I like a good laugh. I'm loyal and cunning, I can get a friend out of trouble with ease. I'm highly observative of people. I am a good judge of character. This makes me pretty much a human lie detector. Nothing can get past me.
My negatives are that I tend to be crass sometimes if someone has angered me or annoyed me. I don't choose my words very politely. It's because I have been walked on and judged so much that I tend to lash out because I have a low tolerance of ignorance, judgmental behavior, rudeness, and liars. I'm worse if you mess with someone I care for.
But, don''t let any of that hold you back from talking to me I am however very easy to get a long with. I love to have a good chat and like to reach out to as many people as possible. ,
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