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After about a decade or so of studying and practicing wandlore and being a novice wandmaker selling to witches and wizards around the world I had a wakeup call and found that though I was a successful wandmaker it was not my calling.
My calling was to heal others: body, mind, and spirit.
I am since a retired wandmaker and I have studied and practiced (even when I was a wandmaker) various forms of healing practices from herbal potions, to healing spells and working with nature and energy through herbs, stones and our own energy direction of our bodies to guide our own unique power within to do healing work on us and others, and also opening up as a channel for Divine healing to flow through us to others.
I do not specialize just in symptoms like rashes and allergies and headaches, but also in matters of confusion, depression, anxiety, and soulful imbalance where you feel you have no purpose or are lost in life.
Some have called me a "life coach" and I suppose that is an accurate title, but whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual nature it is all healing.
I will not work at St. Mungo's hospital or any other wizarding hospital. I am not a potioneer.. I also do not charge for my services! healing and helping others should not come with a price in my opinon so for my income I work at a branch in the wizarding government that helps those with insurance connect with nurses for advice whom work alongside St. Mungo's and other wizarding hospitals in the UK, France, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Australia, Canada and the United States. It pays well and is satisfying but what I do, my acclaimed career, is an independant Healer for everyone and anyone, of magical or non magical blood.
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