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My name is Agnes Fae Dalloway, I am the third child of Magdalena Dalloway and George Knightley. I am a half-blood witch and, like my mother, I was sorted into Hufflepuff. I have two older sisters in Slytherin, Elladora and Adriana; and three younger sisters, Serafine, Sophia and Sybil, who are not in Hogwarts. Serafine and Sophia have no magical powers, but the youngest, Sybil, can paint walls just with her mind (quite an artist!).
I am a little short, considering the average height of the kids of my age; I have long dark brown hair (like my mother) and grey eyes (like my father).
I am very fond of flowers, particularly sunflowers, that is why Herbology happens to be my favourite class and the one in which I have the best results. I have a pet, a yellow canary named Socrates, I keep him in my dormitory in an enchanted cage.

My wand: Pine wood with a Dragon heartstring core 10 ¼" and Solid flexibility

1st year courses: Astronomy (99%), Charms (99%), Potions (92%), History of Magic (95%), Transfiguration (95%), DADA (96%) and Herbology (97%).

2nd year courses: Ancient Runes (99%); Alchemy (89%); Herbology (100%); Care of Magical Creatures (100%)

Extracurricular courses: Games Week (98%)

Ilvermony: Thunderbird

Patronus: Basset Hound

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