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Hey everyone! Wishing you best in exams! Feel free to contact me via instagram (Bellwa5hi) or HiH if you would like a wand! (I use illegal cores too)

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I am the Empress of Darkness, and the Great Great Great Granddaughter of Morgana Le Fay (Also known as Morgana Pendragon). I loathe grovelling, and I believe that the Wizarding Community should no longer be shrouded and hiding in the dark. I'm currently a student attending Hogwarts, my family has lived in Australia for a while now but I go to Hogwarts for School. I am also a part-time Wandmaker and Quidditch player. Being of a pureblood family we have our fair share of the dark arts. I'm very fond of making wands, potions and coming up with new spells and when I graduate I want to work for either a ministry of magic or create my own wand store that will eventually run Olivanders out of business. My ancestral make-up originates from Germany, Scotland and Australia, many people like to think that because of my different array of makeup from different races, disregards the purity of my wizarding bloodline, but you'd be wrong. I am also Hella gay :P.
My patronus is an Ibizian hound, I have a black cat that has white sock marking named Socks, I have a nimbus 2001, I'm a fox Animagi and my own Wand (Of which I created) Is a Black Walnut with a pheonix feather core, it's 12 and a half inches long and it's reasonably supple. If you had a wand design in mind i could create a material version if you like :). (ESFP)

Side Note: Also sometimes when using using her landless magic abilities, when she's passionate enough about something whether it be induced by anger or happiness this strengthens her abilities. Although when induced by anger this can damage her mental state slightly.
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