Cassandra van Helsing

The Runic Hunter

To live is to suffer. To survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.

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Rping Rules (Stolen from Enoch, causes he's a nerd) ▹My rps are always Open unless I state otherwise :) ▹At least a paragraph (4 lines/sentences.) Aka Long responses ▹Well written + detailed responses as well ▹Take the rp somewhere, create conflict or make something happen! ▹Do not act like you know Cassandra or Victoria unless you've rped with her before/the rp calls for your character being aquatinted with her. (I will be the one to determine right away if our characters know each other, it will say so or hint at it in the starter.) ▹You should be at least my level of writing or above (maybe a little bit below but I can't handle poorly written responses so...) ▹Do not God-Mod your character, make it realistic. No crazy feats of power or strength ▹Honestly I prefer when people rp in third person, but if you decide to write in first person and actually follow the rest of these rules, then I'm fine with it ▹Make sure whatever happens is logical ( in the world of the rp of course ) ▹I request that you don't try to make things romantic unless requested or asked first ▹I won't reply unless your response follows all of these -> I will write anything from E to R,so let me know what you’re comfortable with. Name: Cassandra van Helsing, Huntress, Knight of Avalon, The Runic Hunter, Last of the van Helsings Age: Varies depending on when you meet her. Relations: Father: Arthur (46, deceased) Mother: Camilla (32, deceased) Siblings: Andrew (18, deceased), Callidah and Adrian (11, twins, deceased) Friends: Enoch (aka bagpipe), Roland (aka smartass), Rowan (aka smartass bitch), Ela (aka proudbitch), Amira (aka tool), Ryan (aka supsicious), Amb(er/ose aka peanut butter), Magnus (aka flower boi) Lover: Enoch Arthur Fawley. (aka fucking finally) Appearance: Fucking sexy. I guess I should say more than that. Despite being in her early twenties, Cassandra often seems older; mostly due to the scars and grim expression. She spends most of her time time hunting at night leaving her white skin with a sickly pallor. Standing at 5’3, she is rather short. Forced to look up to most people. Due to this her form is mostly compacted muscle allowing her to lift over 300 lbs with ease. The hardened muscle follows the lines of softer curves; easily compared to a shieldmaiden of old with strong thighs, and large hips that taper off to a small waist and chest. A chest usually wrapped tight in black bandages for convenience. Both her cheekbones and jaw are sharp and defined, the cheeks inbetween are thin though the left side holds a horrid scar. A large claw mark of three lines ravages her cheek from the zygoma to clavicle. Her lips are but full but cracked and dry; often twisted into a smirk. Cassandra has large eyes the colour of frosted jade, often this gives her a look of childish wonder until a fight breaks out. The dark brown locks flow from scalp to waist when in her usual style of an over-the-shoulder braid; even longer when loose. She always wears black; shirt, pants, even the leather of her boots and armour. The armour itself is a chest piece covering her clavicle to torso and there is an attached neck piece of leather and maille. Sometimes the leather is switched out for a dark, metal breastplate. She has scars covering her body; bites, claws, burns, whips, stand, and slashes. The most prominent are her face scar, the puncture wounds in each palm from the time her father nailed her to a chair, and the runes. Old, Viking runes scarred deeply into her hands that can nullify magic of all kinds. They glow and spark whenever magic draws near or when Cassandra is in significant danger. The weapons she always has on her are two knives in each boot, one to each shoulder blade. But her baby, is a sleek, silver, longsword. A black grip, silver blade, and it used to have the blue runes carved into it. Those, well those now rest on her hands. It never leaves her side. History: Cassandra is the last living descendant of the van Helsing family. Now, the most famous one that establish their name as vampire hunters was Abraham van Helsing (the Stokers were good friends) and his killing of Dracula. Before that their name can be traced back to the Helsingkrs; a lineage of vikings who were hunters as well. As said, it was Abraham who brought fame to the name but also revitalized who the van Helsings were and how things worked within the family. Instead of being a casual job choice, the training grew far more intense. A family secret led to Abraham learning of how to strip his lineage of their magic, and instead created rune covered weapons to nullify magic. This secret led to the van Helsings gaining strength and speed that rival that of their prey. This training and raising has gone to the brink of solider like. Her father, Arthur, was signed into a marriage with Camilla Percing; a powerful witch that would either result in strong hunters or wizards (van Helsings can only be the one or the other) Andrew (her older brother), Cassandra, and the younger twins were born under the sole purpose of having hunters to raise. Andrew and Cassandra both displayed hunting qualities, while the twins had magic like their mother; much to Arthur's disappointment. When Cassandra displayed hunting potential at three, the weapons in the armory glowing as she grew closer to them, her father began training. Her mother pleaded that this was far too young, but a disturbing level of crashes, screams and other violent sounds later and her mother didn't protest anymore. Nine solid years of training, and at age twelve Cassandra was given a blade and a place in the family. Absolutely devout to her Father, she endured the nine years of abuse; from whippings for dropping a knife to extreme torture as a way to learn interrogation techniques. She firmly believes that this was all for her own well being.Camilla died when Cassandra was seven under suspicious circumstances and her Father's bloody hands. At the same age of twelve, Cassandra killed her first vampire and thus began the road of becoming one of the most feared hunters world wide. Being young, she often hunted with her brother, Andrew, who was two years older. Unfortunately on a hunt, he sacrificed himself and gave Cassandra the opportunity to escape.The twins died at the age of eleven, right before school under similar circumstances as her mother. She was thirteen at the time. Father had started to become more prone to violent outbreaks, and Cassandra alone took them. It was when she found him in his office, one year later, and found the secret; the blood, the bones. That was when Cassandra was forced to end her beloved Father for his own sake. With family collapsed, Cassandra set out looking for work and quickly took up at the Hogwarts grounds. Far too many dangerous things had threatened the school over the decades. Having a hunter to help protect it would be a useful tool.

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