David McGonagall

Student of Healing

If you visit me in my office, I will always have tea and desserts ready. :)

  • Joined January 2015
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 2107 House Points
  • 4th Year
  • United Kingdom


David was born in Hawkshead, England. He was born to Matthew G. McGonagall - a wizard, and Kathrine M. McGonagall - a witch. Both parents were known in the Hawkshead for their kindness and loyalty to the village. They were both employed in the wizarding world, Kathrine worked as a doctor in St. Mungo's hospital in the department of emergency treatment and Matthew worked for the Ministry of Magic - the department for accidental magic. It was expected, that David will have magical abilities, but they were not quite sure when they will show. The family spent quality time in the kitchen, baking and cooking different desserts. There was not a day that there would be no homecooked meal on the table at least once a day. It happened when David and his mother were making a cake. David tried to reach for some flour to help get the ingredients ready and even with the chair he couldn't reach it. He got upset by that and the bag of flour exploded and covered everything into a finely white film of flour. It was an easy cleanup but they had to keep a closer eye on him. When David was 11 he got his Hogwarts letter and started attending school. From the first year, he knew he was going to pursue the studies of Healing, therefore excelling in Herbology and Potions. At this time, he is in his fourth year, keeping his grades up (except Astronomy).

Wand characteristics:
Wood: Hawthorn Core: Dragon Heart String
Length: 13 and a half inches
Flexibility: Slightly Yielding



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