Fangirl, Demigod, Witch. Proceed with caution... XD I'm really friendly though! I don't bite...:p

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I am a Muggle-born Slytherin. I know what you are thinking. A Muggleborn in the great house of Slytherin? That's right! The Sorting Hat sorted me into Slytherin after thinking a lot. It couldn't choose between Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin and finally chose Slytherin.
I'm an Indian girl with chocolate brown eyes and hair.
My favorite class is Defense Against The Dark Arts. Not all Slytherins are dark you know... I personally dislike Potions as the spell of the class is atrocious. My pet is an owl named Andromeda. She is a Snowy owl whom I love very much.
As I'm a muggleborn in the Slytherin house. I've been looked down and hated a lot by my peers but I've overcome everything and am in my final year of Hogwarts.
My greatest strength is my optimism. I'm an eternal optimist which made my life in Hogwarts happy and peaceful. My greatest weakness is that I trust others too fast and get betrayed.
I'm in the same year as Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy on whom I have a huge crush on -blushes-
After finishing school I want to study to become an Auror and fight the Dark Arts.

I like to make friends and talk a lot and I want to become a great person someday. Thank you for reading this. ❤
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