Penelope Autumn

Student - Healer

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General Information
Full Name: Penelope Blackwood
Nicknames/Alias: Penny, Pen
Birthday: April 10
Age: 14
Nationality: English and Scottish
Residence: Edinburgh, Scotland
Occupation: Student
Sexuality: Bisexual
Religion: Some Pagan upbringings.
Education: Homeschool, then Hogwarts.

Physical Appearance
Body Type: Short, plump.
Hair Type: Dark brown, with some natural red strands.
Eye Color: Dark brown (gets mistaken for black a lot)
Skin Tone: Mostly pale, a touch of color in the summer, a sprinkle of freckles across her nose and cheeks.
Features: Small scar near her hairline around her right temple. Her brother threw a toy truck at her once.
Style: No real style right now. She wears what her mother picks out and doesn’t really give a crap about it all. If she’s comfy and protected from the elements she’s alright.

Talents/Skills: She’s good with animals. She loves all different kinds of animals and is nearly fearless of them.
Hobbies: Playing with her pets, practicing the few charms and spells that she does know, coloring, blowing bubbles. She likes playing outside in the woods behind her house.
Posture: Casual, not too slouchy, but not prim and proper like her English grandmother wants her to be.
Accent: stereotypical Scottish, sometimes an English phrase gets thrown in every now and then.
Personality Traits: Sees the best in everyone, generally happy, a little naïve.
Habits (Good or Bad): Loves writing with a quill – goes through a lot of ink! Tends to believe people too readily.
Fears/Issues: Losing friends, someone being mad at her.
Flaws/Weaknesses: Giving in to other people’s will.
Quirks: Likes to hum, sing and whistle.

Basic Family Info
Relatives: Mother – Muggle – Charlotte (Scottish), Father – Wizard – Gerald (English), Older Brother – Wizard – Michael.
Friends: Sophia – Witch, Claudia – Witch, Emma – Witch.
Pets: Family bunnies – Sugar and Crème; her pet black cat – Lavender.
Enemies: None at the moment.

Colors: Purple – all shades. Deep blues and greens.
Foods: Typical adolescent tastes. Biscuits and cakes and pasties (pumpkin pasties are her favorite), pizza, fish and chips, honestly loves her mother’s meatloaf and potato dinner (even the green beans.)
Drinks: Water most often, pumpkin juice, butter beer and hot cocoa seasonally.
Scents: Lavender, Rose, Balsam tree, patchouli.
Music: Wrock, likes muggle bands as well, just none specifically. Whatever is on the radio, or what her mother/father listen to while they’re at home.
Books: Nearly anything, has snuck more of her mother’s romance novels than she can count.
Piece of Clothing: Her big, oversized blue knit sweater that her mother’s mother knitted for her.
Places (to live, to see, etc.): Would like to travel the world.
Room in the House: Kitchen, library, anywhere where there is a fireplace.

Dream House: Hasn’t put much thought into it. Would like a space for a garden, big fireplace, a library.
Dream Job: Taking care of magical animals.
Dream Vacation: Anywhere her family goes.
If they could master anything it would be: Potions and keeping all the correspondences for the herbs correct.
If they had a nightmare it would be about: Failing out of Hogwarts, not being good enough to become an animal caretaker.
Normally daydreams about: Flying, learning to ride a broom.
Dream Partner/Lover: Someone who is nice to her. Romantic like in her mother’s novels.

Wizarding Facts: Really skilled with Magical Creatures, and hopes to be a magical vet.
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff.
Wand: Rowan, 10 inches, phoenix feather core
Favorite Class: Care of Magical Creatures
Least Favorite Class: Potions
Clubs or Sports: Not sure of any specific ones. Maybe newspaper? More of a supporter rather than a doer.

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