Alya Black

Pureblood Student

Name: Alya Black, Pureblood, Age: 14 House: Slytherin Wand: Cherry-wood, unicorn hair, 11.5" Likes: Charms and Potions Status: Taken <3

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Age: 14
House: Slytherin (duh.)
Wand: 11.5" Cherry-wood wand with unicorn hair core
Taken: Yes <3 Love yah Luci x
Pets: Owl, Athena
Appearance: Long black/brown hair, olive skin, brown/hazel eyes, around 165-170 cm, long legs and fullish lips?
Personality: Unicorn, sarcastic, low-key, sometimes bitchy, funny, hopefully intelligent
Favourite people: Luci, Maxi, Lou, Tali, Ella, Kami,Ash, Shwan, Moon Moon and a whole lot of amazingly awesome humans x
Likes: Food, friends, horses, Quidditch, banter, coffee, sugar, cakes, most things :P
Dislikes: Fake friends, weakness, people who don't respect my personal bubble

Nobody said it would ever be easy to be the youngest child of the Black family. Sure, I have money, talent and a lot of things. And friends, lots of pureblood friends and family. I'm quiet close my uncle Draco Malfoy, he tells very interesting stories. But living up to expectations isn't always easy. I've got two older brothers, Orion and Leo. Orion's in 7th Year and Leo's finished school. Leo works with magical animals, and he's got a pet dragon. Strange, I know. But he's into that kind of thing... Orion wants to work for the Ministry, just like Mum and Dad. I on the other hand, I don't know what I want to be. Perhaps something to do with magical animals, guess we'll have to see.
Anyway, I do enjoy school. I love lunches by the lake, running through the long grass, the Great Hall is also amazing. I like Potions, Charms, Transfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures. I like to think that I'm top of every class but unfortunately it's not ~quite~ true.
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