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I was born into a loving wealthy wizarding family. I don't remember much about my parents they died when I was 6, but I do remember them always loving different people no-majs, half-bloods, and pure- bloods alike. Being in a Slytherin family not many Pure-bloods liked that. Both of my parents are from London, they meet at Hogwarts and decided to move to America. When they died I was told by the No-Maj court judge I was going to live with my Aunt. The Aunt that absolutely hated me. I was to much like my parents and that drove her insane. Plus being a natural born rebel didn't really help me either, it just made her more mad. A year later she drop me off to an Orphanage and told me that I will never be a great witch and that the rest of the family disowned me. After she said that she walked of and to this day I have never seen her again. I constantly ran away from that hell hole of an Orphanage. They were always beating kids there for the stupidest things. I use to hang out by the train tracks or the little water falls near by. The sound of nothing or the sound of water flowing always seemed to calm me down. The Orphanage called the cops on me so many times, they wanted to look like they cared for me when really they just needed me there to cook and clean. You know make themselves look good. But when those cops left I was beat and locked in my room for God only knows how long. For 4 years it was the same routine, me cooking,cleaning,get yelled at,run away,cops are called, I come back,no food,get beat,locked in my room. Then on my 11th birthday I got a letter to go to Ilvermorny for a moment I actually forgot that I was a witch. I was overly excited so that night I ran away and never looked back. The sorting at Ilvermorny was totally different then ones at Hogwarts my parents told me about. Hogwarts you let a hat decide at Ilvermorny You let four statues decide. I stood in the middle of the four statues, and all four of them wanted me in there house. I didn't know what to do the headmaster told me to pick which one I wanted. I picked the Thunderbird. Later that day the headmaster told me that was very rare to have all four houses wanting me in there house, and he expected great things from me. Welp that didn't last very long. Being a rebel at nature I always broke the rules. You know how many times I sunk out WITH my wand. Oh man did they freak. I got into so much trouble, been expelled so many times. They actually gave up on me. They kicked me out for good. Then just a few days ago they told me a school would take me in, I was to pack up and go that night and I did. Little did I know it was Hogwarts. The same place my parents went! I was to happy, and now I actually feel like I'm at home, where I' m suppose to be. I can finally be a rebel and not get punished for it. Ugh I love this school!
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