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<font color=#990099>So I'll start with the basics...
Birthday: November 19
Gender: Female
single/taken: Single
Gay/Strait: Straight
Age: 17
Family Blood: Halfblood (Draco & Astoria)
What I look like....
Hair: golden brown with a ton of blonde streaks (natural)
Eyes: a vibrant blue
Skin: fair
Freckles/none: freckles
wears makeup/doesn't: doesn't
On to other stuff....
I have an older brother named Scorpius.
I have an older sister named ohana.
I have two pets- a cat named mittens and a bowtruckle named Lockett.
So I play soccer and quidditch. I love writing and photography. Making freinds is really important to me; as well as pulling a good prank.
I'm really bad at dancing but if it means having fun I'm all in! Going to the Yule Ball was incredible.
The first Yule Ball was great because I met one of my best friends; Ryan Meunier!
I'm always up for an rp or chat so just post on my page or owl me!
-So this part is dedicated to Ryan Meunier!! Ok dude, you being my first official bestie on here really helped me! I don't know if it was fate or what that had us meet or what but I'm glad we met at the first ever Yule Ball!! Thanks so much! Love ya!!!
-Moving on..... this one goes to the best sister in the whole world! Ohana Malfoy!!! Girl I don't know what I would do without ya and you amaze me with everything you do!! Let's keep coming up with random ship names! Haha love ya so much!
-Ok so next one goes to Lysander Scamander. I don't know what to say. You and I have been friends since we were little and you are just great. Besties forever!! Hope everything is going well at home, come back when you can!!
- Another One! This goes to Eliza Potter for being so so nice to me!! you are just a great person!! Thank you so much!!!
-This goes to Liam Pierce.... well so thank you for being really nice to me. I got your back, dude. I hope we keep talking, ya know? Thanks so much!
- Ok so now my girl Felicia Marie!! Thanks so much for being such a kind, caring, and loving roommate!! You're amazing! Thank ya!!
Other stuff, I don't even know lol!!
•I love country music
•I play soccer
•I have 1 kitten
• I'm an animal lover
(I will add more later lol)

Most of this was written a while ago, I haven’t been able to update it. Hope to talk with you all soon.

Xoxo, Belle</font>
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