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Hiya! My name is Emily Christine Malfoy! I'm 14! I love music, reading, video games, anime, ghost adventures and HARRY POTTER OF COURSE!

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Father: Draco Malfoy
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: None
Patronus: Irish Wolfhound
Best friend: Haley Elizabeth Black ( Holly Becker )
Relationship status: Single
Appearance: 5'7, freckles, brown hair, blue eyes
Personality: loud, obnoxious, straightforward, funny
Favorite color: Green
Favorite animals: Dolphin and Koala Bear
Favorite type of music: Pop and rap
Nicknames: Em, Emmy, Momma Duck, Mother Ducker, Party Boss Hannold (my real last name), Becky G, Lulu, Papoose, Squirt, Punk, Twerp, and Cadi (my sisters name)

About Emily: Emily had never been a people person. Even when her father had his Ministry friends over with their children, she would always go into her room and start reading any book she could find. Draco wasn't big on Emily's education. She was never a child to him. After Draco and Astoria had had Scorpio, and Astoria was out of town, Draco had met a witch. This witch and Draco ended up having Emily. So when Emily was born, the witch gave her to Draco. Draco didn't want this child because Astoria would find out. So he located the witch and demanded that she take this child away. The witch refused. So Draco had no choice but to take this child home. When he walked through the door Scorpio noticed the little girl and said, "Father? Who is that girl?" Hearing this, Astoria emerged from the kitchen, her expression puzzled. Draco thought of an answer so very quick, it might have actually been true. "This is your cousin Scorpio. This is Emily." So for the last fourteen years, Emily has been apart of the Malloy family but only as a cousin. Not a daughter. So coming to Hogwarts and seeing Scorpio around saying Emily is his cousin is horrifying. What if people find out? Will Draco lose his job? Will Emily be punished? She hopes to never find out.
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