Stella Jude


HI! I am an artist, book-lover, tea drinker and extrovert (shocker, huh?). I love cats.

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I was sorted into Ravenclaw, although it took quite a while for the hat to decide- I share some of each trait. However, I think that Ravenclaw was definitely the best choice. My favourite class has always been Charms, although I am quite good at Potions as well. My least favourite class is certainly Muggle Studies- how boring. I know enough about them, being a half-blood. I enjoy Defense Against the Dark Arts, but I worry that if I were to actually face a Dark wizard I would crumble or forget everything I've learned. Generally, though, I am good at my classes. Being a half-blood has helped me be able to see both sides of the wizarding world and understand them; however, sometimes I struggle with finding my place among wizards. If I were active while You-Know-Who was in power, I hope I would have been proud of my Muggle ancestry and not let him get me down. My greatest strength is I see the good in everyone. My greatest weakness is I worry about what others think of me. After I finish school I hope to become an artist. All of magic is fascinating to me, and I love it. I would love to use it both to help others and to help myself. To be honest, right now, I want more close friends. I have a cat, of course, named Ramona, who is very kind and gentle and likes to cuddle, and a plant named Frankie who is very vibrant. My family is a very motley crew of four fellow wizards, all representing each house, but I love them. Do I have any oddities? I should quite say I do- I am an artist, after all. Let's just say I wear what I want and I do what I want, even though I may be insecure about it sometimes.
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