Hi! I'm Eridisia, but friends call me Ellie. I'm always looking for a chat so message whenever-

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I lived in Galway, Ireland for the longest time, I got my Hogwarts letter at eleven, just as anyone else, and my Mum couldn't have been prouder. For the longest time she'd been afraid I'd grow into a squib like my cousin. My Da and Mum are both wizards, but our family has had a lot of squibs born into it, even though we're pureblood as back as you can read on paper.
When I arrived at Hogwarts, it took forever for the hat to sort me out. It kept saying Slytherin or Ravenclaw, but we settled on Ravenclaw after a long deliberation. My family has had a lot of both houses, and I'm proud to go into the same house my Da was in as a kid.
Herbology and Potions are my favourite classes, followed close by Divination, Astronomy and Transfiguration. But I'm rubbish in Charms and History of Magic.
I want to get on the house Quidditch team, hopefully for Keeper or Chaser. If I got stuck with Seeker it'd be bloody murder.
I want to be a Healer at St. Mungos when I'm done with school. Though being a Professor wouldn't be that bad either.
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