Seth Selwyn

Student (7th Year)

Hi, I'm Seth! I'm a Ravenclaw seventh year, with all of the stereotypes associated! Feel free to talk to me, I'm always looking for a friend!

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Seth Selwyn
Ravenclaw 7th Year
Bisexual, Single



Best friend: *open*
Friends: *always open*
• Quincy Wren
• Violet Rose Potter
Allies: *always open*
Rivals: *open*
Enemies: *open*
Partner: *open*


Seth Selwyn, of the esteemed pureblood family of Selwyn, is not actually a pureblood. His father, Joseph Selwyn, did not share the views of his family, and tensions were high enough when he was Sorted into Gryffindor House his first year at Hogwarts. Thus, it was no wonder when he married a Halfblood witch, Belle Robinson, and "tainted the name of Selwyn," and was subsequently disowned. However, when the only other direct heir to Selwyn Manor, Joseph's brother Simeon, was taken to Azkaban after the Second Wizarding War, Joseph inherited the Manor and moved his small family of 5 (which soon became 6!) into the Manor.

Seth was always very bright -- moreso than nearly anyone of his age. He has a sharp mind, quick to find solutions and patterns. He was also creative, imaginative, and clever. Thus, it was no wonder that when he was sent to Hogwarts with nothing but a wand, books, and his barn owl Mercury, the Sorting Hat almost immediately Sorted him as a Ravenclaw like his mother. Seth rose quickly to the top of the class, and of course, to the top of every teacher in the school. He excelled at Charms and Transfiguration, though he soared in every other class as well. He received an O in each of his O.W.L.s, except for History of Magic, which was merely an E (and Herbology was riding that line like a broomstick). However, he is now determined to receive top marks in all of his N.E.W.T.s, Herbology and History of Magic included.

However, despite his particularly strong mind, all was not well in the Selwyn family. Because Selwyn Manor had previously belonged to Death Eaters and Voldemort-sympathizers, Dark magic plagues its halls. Much of this Darkness was expelled, but some traces remain. Something deep within the Manor creates depression, anxiety, distrust, and anger within all who reside there for extended amounts of time. Such was the case of Belle Selwyn nee Robinson. She spent the most amount of time within the Manor, and this curse seems to affect those with the most intelligence more than any others. Belle became so affected by the curse that she recently left Seth's father and moved to an apartment in London.

The rest of the Selwyns have been affected by this curse as well, though admittedly none to the extent of Belle. However, Seth is no exception, and he has recently developed what, by Seth's research, Muggle psychologists would consider a "high-functioning anxiety disorder". Yes, it does affect him. But Seth is strong in more than just his mind, and he refuses to let this curse stop him in any way.

True to the Ravenclaw mold, Seth's greatest strengths are his intelligence, ingenuity, and imagination. However, he seems to have inherited some of the Slytherin traits from his Selwyn ancestors -- although he does not particularly like surprises, Seth is able to adapt to any situation. In addition, he is an excellent actor, liar, and manipulator, though his moral code says that these skills should not be used except in the most dire of circumstances.

This is Seth's final year at Hogwarts. His N.E.W.T. scores will of course determine which paths he will be able to take. However, Seth has no doubt that any path he wants to take, however, difficult, is possible with enough determination and ingenuity.
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