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My parents didn't care a lot about hogwarts. My mom was a witch but my father was a muggle, so even if they said no, I still had a chance to go there. My dad didn't want to know anything about it since he was jealous of wizards; he wanted to do all the things they did. My mom, on the other hand, wanted me to grow as a regular child instead of going to a special magic school. I talked to her in private and, after almost an hour, she finally said yes. Later on, she convinced my father too. I was so happy I could've died, I already wanted to be there, learning all I needed to, and even more!
When the day finally came, both of my parents took me to the train station, where I took the train to my new school. The way everyone had to get into the magic station was a little weird, but I really didn't care. I just wanted to finish my trip.

Some time later, I was finally at the castle. It was the most amazing thing I could've ever seen. I mean, it would probably be the eighth wonder if muggles knew about it.
I got my uniform and headed to the Great Hall, where a lot of students were waiting. It was a bit loud, but I didn't pay attention to that. I just looked at the ceilings, the way everything was built. I couldn't believe it, it was nothing like a regular building. Then, I took a seat and looked around for a bit. An older student started talking to me and explained me pretty much everything I needed to know. I was very thankful for that, it helped me to make my experience a bit more enjoyable.

The moment finally came. All of the new students were already sitting and waiting for the hat to started sorting them into the houses. My mom was a Gryffindor, but I didn't really want to be sorted into that house. The whole brave and heroic thing just wasn't for me, I didn't want to be a hero or something like that; I didn't and still don't believe in that kind of things.
When my turn finally came, I thought to myself, knowing the hat would hear it, "I don't care which house I'm sorted in": I wanted it to be random, but I wasn't sure that could actually happen. I closed my eyes, waiting for the so expected word. "Ravenclaw" the hat shouted. The whole house started clapping as the director removed the hat from my head and I started walking towards the table. It wasn't Gryffindor, so I was okay with it. I just hoped it would be fun.
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