Zander Dokalfer Nightwing

Dragon Lord

Monster is a relative term, to a canary, a cat is a monster, you're just used to being the cat.

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(I'm re-doing this character cuz he's to op)
I am a Dragon Lord, a human with Dragon Magic running through his veins. My powers are however limited by the amount of an element I've eaten, yes I eat elements. I may seem aloof or quiet because I'm antisocial and don't like talking to people.

Ministry Files
Full Name: Aleczander Dokalfer Nightwing
Occupation: Dragon Lord
Stance with MoM: Terrorist, do not approach
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Hair Color: Chocolate Brown with small gold streak
Eye Color: Gold
Species: Dragon Lord
Special Abilities: Wandless Magic, Enhanced Reflexes, Genius-Level Intellect, Abnormal Strenght, Dragon Magic.
Known Aliases: The Dragon Slayer, The Black Dragon of Magic, Achnologia.
Known Allies: Thunderfang Nightwing (deceased), Adrian DelKoda (deceased), Beelzebub, Lord of Flies and Cy'Thun, Lord of Hidden Knowledge
Known Enemies: MoM, Nicholas Glaive (deceased), Order of The Alkahest
Love Life: Has shown feelings for *erased by Zander Nightwing for reasons unknown*
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