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When I was 8 years old, my sister (Healer, Ravenclaw), got her acceptance letter for Hogwarts. Of course, from then on, just having found out magic was real, I started trying to do magic myself, but somehow I never managed. You can imagine my relief when the summer before I turned 11, I received my own letter to come study the beautiful art of magic! I was sorted into Hufflepuff, and it has been the most warm and welcoming group of people I've ever encountered. I'm having the time of my life here! I hope some of you huffies will recognize this feeling, but I've never felt like I fully deserved to be a Hufflepuff, mostly because most huffies are so hard-working, and pretty good at organising their stuff. So as a rather chaotic person with the attention span of a goldfish, I greatly admire anyone who can remember what they have to do longer than 5 minutes from now. But right now, I'm working day and night, and I love it! Cause I have started a small secret project. Please don't tell the teachers; sometimes I use the restricted section. Coming from a musical muggle family, I am fascinated by the fact that the sound of speech can summon a spell. So now, I'm investigating if (and how) one could use music to perform magic. And I've got some pretty good leads! So if you want to join in on my secret project group and help me enchant the world through magic, meet me at the hufflepuff tower of the quidditch field at 8 pm sharp, saturday evening. The password is "badgers rock". I'll see you around at Hogwarts, hugs!
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