Aspen Storms

welcome to the black parade. Idk what else to write here. <3 hi. •________•Sebastian Smith deserves and honorable mention *honks like a duck*

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Name: Aspen Marie Storms (also known as muppet to some of my friends. Long story. and FAB GIRL)
Hobbies: Football (Not the american kind) Reading, writing, procrastinating, ice skating and just genuinely every other sport, including track, softball and maybe even american football *eye roll*
House: If this wasn't already obvious, Gryffindor but I consider myself a Gryffindor with the wits of a Ravenclaw and the heart of a pretty nice Slytherin. All in all I'm a pure Gryffindor.
Siblings: Too many
Age: 14
Birthday: September 24
Relationship Status: I think I finally figured it out. Sebastian <3
Height: I thought I was 5'3 but it turns out I'm like 5' 1/2 at most...
Level of sanity: Lets not go there either
Level of affection: 10000000000000
I'm super hyper and sometimes really sarcastic. Don't get offended. I dunno. I got my letter and we all saw it coming but it was fun to go and buy stuff, including a kitten named Kitty. I'm great at naming things. So far I've made quite a few friends. I love spending time writing, reading, and just annoying people. Quite honestly I'm nothing special, called adorable to some people and annoying to others. I'm good in muggle school but tend to fail my classes here because I despise essays but love playing around with charms and exploring. I have a passion for animals, spells and trouble making. I'm quite insane and absolutely miserable at grammar and spelling. If you've made it this far, thanks. If you want me to love you get me chocolate a baby dragon or a hedgehog. Preferably a dragon. I have one more kitten named Mei (May) who was given to my by my older brother Logan. He's... well... special. But I love him most of the time ^~^ Classes are my weak point and I tend to avoid them, because why would you take them if you have too? PROUD WEIRDO WITH ADHD. YEAH. bye for now. Thanks for reading all the way to this.

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