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When I was young my grandfather own many magical Birds ranging from owls to thunderbirds, all the birds that he own were recused from traders and illegal owners he returned many birds to the wild but he kept a few that could not go back to the wild as they were injured. When I turned 10 my grandfather gave me an egg in which he had found in a muggle circus, he had a fear that it would not hatch as the person who kept it before drop it, but to my surprise that night that it hatched and was Occamys. It took quite a liking to me and was very tame which was strange due to it's nature, over the next 2 years Occamys became closer to me therefore I ended up calling him jasper. Jasper went with me everywhere as he always stayed in my front pocket, When I got my Letter for Hogwarts I was so excited to get to bring Jasper with me but I it said I could only bring an Owl,cat or toad so I Decide I would get an Barn owl which I named Star when I brought her home I had a slight fear of what jasper would do to her but to my surprise they became the best of friends, I sneaked Jasper in to my pocket before i left for Hogwarts express while i carried Star in the other other arm in her cage . When I went to the Hogwarts express i shared a carriage with Rolf Scamander who I found out was my Idol Newt Scamander Grandson he eventually said something was moving in my pocket and i showed him jasper and we ended up talking about magical creatures all the way to Hogwarts! Through out my years at Hogwarts I became close Friends with Luna Lovegood, Rolf, Harry potter, the Weasleys, Hermione and Neville. I also had a close connection to Hagrid as he had a special connect on with magical creatures, he often visited my grand father as he loved the magical birds he also had a close connection to Jasper. After the war at Hogwarts I went to study Magical Creatures and how they can be peaceful and have different temperaments when one gets to know them. Today I have a magical creature sanctuary which helps educate people that the magical creature are beautiful and that we must help them. Jasper and Star are always with me where ever I go to help magical creatures!!
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