Eyvera Granger

Student, Auror

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Eyvera Jeanne Potter-Granger. Nice to meet you. Like my name says I'm daughter of Rose Weasley-Granger and James Sirius Potter. I have 5 siblings. My oldest brother Even who already finished Hogwarts, my older sister Anne who is in 3rd grade, my twin sister Everina who is in 1st grade like I am, my younger sister Hermione who is a year younger than me and Everina but already goes to Hogwarts because she got my grandma's brain and lastly my youngest brother Alan who does not go to Hogwarts yet. Being Hermione Granger and Harry Potters grandchild has a big influence in my life. Everyone I meet already has an imagination how I am going to be. It is really hard for me to fit in because I am the only one in the family who doesn't wright straight 100% or saves the world. I'm always laying behind being judged because I'm apperently not a real Granger. And on my father's side I'm being judged becuase I can't save the world. You probably wonder what my siblings do?! Well they can at least save the worls with their cleverness. That's not my case. I get judged all the time. And that's why I'm strongly against discrimination. There are some cases where students just bully classmates because they're not pureblood or because they have darker skin, because they're in another house or because they don't have a good social standard. And I always try to stand up for those people that don't have a voice because I know how it is to be bullied and misunderstood. I hope I can have that type of impact when I'm older to make other people's lives a little brighter.
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