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My name is Mya Froese and I am a American Wizard!
American? Why aren't you at Ilvermoney?
Long story short.
My mum grew up in England and went to Hogwarts just like many.
My dad graduated from Ilvermoney and moved to England for a change of scenery. He met my mum at the ministry as they were both training to get jobs in the department of magical law enforcement.
Then they decided to move to America because there were jobs available for them at the ministry in New York.
When I was 8 we moved back to England because my dad got a job offer as an auror.
That's my backstory now here are some facts about me.

Full Name: Mya Nicole Froese
Parents: Sabrina Froese ( Black)
Anthony Froese
Blood Status: Pure
House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Sycamore wood with a Phoenix feather core 14 ½" and Quite Bendy flexibility
Patronus: Fox
Pet: Bubo [ Great Gray Owl ]
Favorite Class: DADA
Quidditch Postion: Beater
Dream Job: Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
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