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Eiron was born in a muggelhome, his parents are scientists so God, or anything that could not be explained was not real. However Eiron did always belive in magic, he loved the shows but he never wanted to learn the tricks. Because he wanted it to be real, he wanted something to be unexplaineble. He was raised in a big house, his family was ritch. Erion went to privet kindergarten as well as privet school. He was tought horseback riding as a littel child and as a bedtime storie he was read his parents old schoolbooks as practis. Even if he liked his grandfather stories about wizards and witches the most, that made him belive in magic even more. When Eiron asked if it was true, his gradfather just smiled and said maybe, you only know when you have experienced it yourself.

Eiron was a smart child, math was never a challenge, neither was the rest of the school subjects. Everyone expected him to be the next great inventor, follow in his parents footstep. That was not his dream, he wanted to be free, he wanted to have another world where there was this that could not be explaiend. So he started acting at the age of seven, h was good at that too. And he really liked it, because he could be anyone he wanted. His story changed with every play, he was everything and nothing at the same time.

But his parents did not like his new intresst, it was not good for his academic studies. So he stoped, he once again became Eiron Winter, the young boy with all the answers and the smart parents. The boy with the big house on the end of the road, the boy who went to summer school just to be even better. At the age of nine he was two years before his classmates but that was not enugh for his parents. He went to scienscamp, he was the best there too. His parents was finnaly proud of him.

Then on his elevth birthday he got a letter, it was a beutiful morning in March and it came along with his other presents. His parents was very confused, they did not remeber putting that letter there. When Eiron opend it, he thoughted it was a bad joke from his parents and they toughted that he was messing with them. But when they realised that it was real, Eirons face glowed he was right all along. He was acctually going to a school for wizards and witches.

Mr. and Mrs. Winter did not know what to think about it, the letter could not be real. That was impossible, magic was not real. After months of prompting and a bit of help from his gradfather, the finally let him go.

He brought an owl, oak brown like his own hair, with eyes glowing like his own had since the day he found out that he was going to Hogwarts. When he sat his foot on the train and waved goodbye he was nervous, not because all of the new things. No he knew that for the first time in his life he would not be the best stundent, not even close.
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