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[ P E R S O N A L - I N F O R M A T I O N ]

✼ NAME - Ashley Jennifer Gomez (or Malfoy, whatever)
✼ NICKNAMES - Ash (everyone - mainly because I told them to call me that), hASHtag (Hamburger - or Amber for most of you), Ashieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (Ella <3), Leyley ( Max - even though idk why!?) [ I think that's it? I don't remember -_- If you've got nicknames for me, tell me so that I can add them here]
✼ BIRTHDAY - December 30, 2002
✼ SEXUALITY - Straight

[ A P P E A R A N C E ]

(I dyed my hair, so that's my hair color and I am not telling my actual hair color so bear with it XD)
✼ HAIR - I had long brown-ish hair but I got a haircut a week ago and its short now. AND a bit curly. AND horrible. AND idk
✼ I wear glasses. I have my ears pierced and so I wear earrings.
✼ Also, I ALWAYS wear a watch, even in bed.
✼ I have a small crescent shaped scar on my right middle finger. I got that when I was 6. My brother and I were hunting for food (in the kitchen) and I was opening a stupid box and I cut my finger and that mark is still there. (My father says that it is still there because it will remind me of the time when I stole a choco-chip cookie and he thinks I won't do that again, but he actually has no idea that every night, there is one cookie less in the jar XD)
✼ I don't have freckles.
✼ My mother was Latino and my grandmother (my father's mother) is Irish and my grandfather (my father's father) is Canadian. So I basically have no idea what I am. NOOOO. I KNOW!
I am me. So don't you ask any question about this.

[ H O G W A R T S - I N F O R M A T I O N ]

✼ HOUSE - Slytherin (duh!)

✼ WAND - Pine wood with a Dragon heartstring core 14 ¼" and Hard flexibility

✼ PATRONUS - Eagle owl

✼ FAVORITE CLASSES - DADA, Potions, Transfiguration
✼ LEAST FAVORITE CLASSES - Herbology, Divination, Astronomy

[ A B O U T M E]

I am super moody. One second, I'll be all happy and excited and the next second, I'll be gloomy and not interested. And, if you ever get to see what's my mood in the third second, I'll be snorting and longing for food. I basically love imagining and spend a lot of time staring at something and my mind is elsewhere. I love reading and that's why my father locked my bookshelf because I had my exams and he thought I would spend all my time reading. I am weird and maybe funny (?). Many people call me tomboyish because I usually dress up in shorts and something casual. I am not girly and I hate flirting. I basically have no idea about dating because I have got no experience and I have not even had a MAJOR crush on anyone. (MINOR, yeah but ...... bleh). I am horrible at conversations and I actually don't like to talk.
My favorite season is autumn or fall, because its neither too cold and neither too hot. I like to see leaves falling from trees. I love dreaming without actually sleeping.

✼ Reasons why I hate snow
• It's cold
• It's too white -_-
• I have a horrible aim for throwing snow balls
• I am a popular target for the same
• It's cold again...

• I can't give my personal information to anyone of you because my parents won't be happy about me sharing my email address or phone number with anyone online. Respecting the belief they have in me and at least allowing me to come here, I wouldn't want to disappoint them.
• I am not really interested in dating anyone randomly or having any kind of role play where I am not comfortable. In such a case, please read this before even asking me for it. I haven't ever dated anyone seriously in my life and I think I am not actually ready. My biggest priority right now is not dating or proving everyone that even I can be a popular one with the boys. It's way more important than that.

Thanks for reading

My owls and wall will always be open.

To contact Ashley -

Hey guys, I am really sorry for all of this. I know I may have sound really suspicious to you guys and you probably think I was hiding somethings from you. In fact, yes I have been. Not because I don't trust you but because I don't trust myself. I really really can't tell you how my irl life is but I am grateful to have such an amazing family- my father, my mother, my brothers - they've been really supportive and I cannot really wish for a greater family. And of course, you guys are really great and I am so really glad I met you because if I hadn't, I probably won't be typing this. I won't be there to.
So, I am really happy for everything, from all funny moments to all boring and ignored moments. This part of my life is one I am never gonna forget.
I won't be online for a while, maybe I'll come online once in three months but there won't be any posts from my account on this site after the 31st of December.
I will be really happy to have my wall as a wall of memories. You guys can post anything you want to, and I promise, someday I will read them. And if I won't, don't worry, you'll never be forgotten :D
I love you all
Thank you
Ashley J Gomez / Ash / Leyley / hashtag

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