Molly Whittle

Beater; Auror-in-Training

I'm a proud Slytherin who loves to play Quidditch. I also happen to be an Auror in training. 3 words. Cunning. Ambitious. Determined.

  • Joined October 2016
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 0 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


While I was born in the US, I grew up in a small neighborhood close to Diagon Alley. My parents are both muggles but were two of very few who knew about the wizarding world. When I got my letter when I was 11, my whole family was surprised. I don't have any brothers or sisters so I was the first (and only) to get a letter. I was sorted into Slytherin which was a total shock since I was a muggle-born. Over the years I have been very interested in dark wizard catching, so I became an Auror Trainee. I am a Beater in Quidditch for Slytherin, the only girl on the team. My goal in life is to graduate from Hogwarts and become an Auror, and play a few Quidditch games here and there.

House: Slytherin
Quidditch position: Beater
Favorite candy: Chocolate Frogs
Pet: Pygmy Puff named Craig "Wuffles" Max III
Wand: Larch Wood; Phoenix Feather core; 12 3/4"; slightly springy flexibility
Patronus : Magpie
Illvermorny house:Thunderbird
Favorite/ Best subjects: Potions and DADA
Favorite teacher: Snape or Mcgonagall
Favorite spell: REDUCTO
Favorite Magical Creature(s):Thestrials or Pygmy Puff
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