Maribelle Nightengale


I am a first year student in Slytherin, and will forever be interested in the dark arts.

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Born in a half-blood family, my mother (Alyssa Nightengale) was a professor for a muggle university and my father (Lucas Nightengale) had just graduated Hogwarts (from the Slytherin house of course) just three years before. My father did not have a set occupation in mind at the time, all he had was his desire for Chemistry. Spending a while doing research he realized he needed someone who specialized in Zync elements, so he visited Alyssa. One thing after another and they ended up getting married. It was when my mother announced she was pregnant when my father broke the news that he was a wizard. But my father received a much different reaction than he expected. My mother knew that the wizarding world existed, as she had dated one not too long before she met her father. In fact she had dated Jefferson Aubrey, head of Slytherin House my father's graduating year. He has been enraged at my father for years. Once my mother gave birth to my twin brother (Hayden Nightengale) and I, Jefferson was fed up watching my father have a great life, so he killed my mother. Since then my father has raised Hayden and I by himself, making sure we become the best we can be.
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