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I was a student at the ancient magisters guild- my father and mother sent me away at five years old to go study the ancient magics and healing cantrips of the world. When I was about 17, I fled from the temple we lived in, believing that I knew almost everything about magics. I then asked to lend my services to the king, who, at the time, thought that Medivh, the Guardian of the world, was better than me at everything. His general and I traveled to Medivh, and he suddenly pounced on me for leaving the temple and forced me to renounce my vows. I was set free, but Medivh greatly disliked me after that incident. Suddenly, we got news that a horde of orcs was coming our way, threatening to destroy the city. I took out a book from Medivh's library without him noticing and began to do some research. My theory about how the orcs came here through a different realm using a Fel-charged gate was correct, but nobody knew it at the time. Medivh burned the papers that I showed as evidence to him, but I hid one in my robes and showed it to Lothar, one of the king's generals. We fought and fought the orcs, until finally, we realized that Medivh had been poisoned by dark magic. I ran at once to the magisters temple, where they told me that I had to defeat Medivh in order to win the fight with the orcs. Together with Lothar, we fought Medivh, who was in his demon form, and defeated him after a long struggle, closing the gateway between the realms. Lothar and the others then defeated the orcs with the help of my magic.
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