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Hello!! My name is Ginevra! I am veela, metamorphmagus, and a parseltongue. I love creatures. Go gryffindor!!

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I am Ginevra Granger-Evans. You can call me Ginny. If you want to call me by my last name, just call me Evans. I think it sounds better than granger-Evans and I think Ginevra Evans sounds better than Ginevra Granger. I have a lot of brothers and sisters. I have a 3 older brothers. Duke, who is 3years older than me ( 4th year) and Jasper and Gavin. Jasper and Gavin are twins.They are 1 year older than me ( 2nd year.) All three go to hogwarts and are in gryffindor. I have 2 older sisters. Pearl who is 7 years older than me plus she went to hogwarts and was in gryffindor( she is an auror in training) and Scarlett who is 5 years older than me plus goes to hogwarts(she is a gryffindor 6st year.) I also have a sister Savannah who is the same age as me and goes to hogwarts and is in gryffindor. So yeah. Pearl is oldest, then Scarlett, then Duke, then Jasper and Gavin, then Savannah and I. Also Ella Lightwood is my sister that I did not know about. She is veela too. She is in gryffindor. Although she has a different mom. All of my sisters and I could have gone to beauxbatons ( I do not know about Ella) but decided to go to hogwarts and got sorted into gryffindor. Our mom was favored by the headmistress at Beauxbatons.
My mom's name is Clarissa Evans.Lily Evans is a relative of hers. She is full veela making me part veela. She went to Beauxbatons. She is the prettiest witch ever. She is a model for witch weekly and a part time magiczoologist. I grew up around many creatures. She trained me as a magiczoologist. She is very wealthy. My dad's name is Walter Granger. He is a relative of the Grangers. He went to hogwarts and was in Gryffindor. My dad is wealthy too and is very famous. He is a professional quidditch player for the British team. Both of my parents are pure-bloods and not one person in my family cares. I am a delacour. I am related to the potters, Weasleys and I am actually a descendant of the black family. I think that is why I can speak parselmouth. I also am somehow a metamorphmagus. I think from tonks. But I usually go with my real actual appearance. I am a Evans, Potter and a Delacour from my mom's side. From my dad I am a black, and a Weasley. Well I guess I am a Weasley on my mom's side since Harry Potter married a weasley. Although the only reason I am a potter is because lily Evans married a potter. I was the best at quidditch in my family besides my dad and my sisters are all jealous of my looks. But don't judge me by my looks. I live near the weasleys and I am the same age as Ginny. We even have the same name! I think my mom and her mom wants us to be sisters. We are basically the second Weasley family. I had a choice of going to Beauxbatons but I chose hogwarts. Sometimes I wear the Beauxbatons uniform because they gave me it. They really wished that I chose to go there. I knew that I would not get to see my family as much. I have wavy strawberry blond hair, a little bit of freckles, I almost always wear heels, I wear cute dresses a lot, but in the inside I am a total tomboy although I have girly girl in me. I sometimes act like a girly girl but sometimes tomboy. I love quidditch. I first layed my hands on a broom and quaffle when I was two but started playing quidditch at age five. One time a slytherin boy tried to slip me a love potion before a quidditch game so I would be dazed but I trusted my gut not to take it. I am a chaser. That same game I won the quidditch cup and I saw him mumbling under his breath. I jinked him after. I also have a time turner and an invisablty cloak. I have a wonderful,spoiled, luxury life.
Wand: yew, 13 in, unicorn tail hair core, springy.
Patronus: lioness
Boggart: myself alone with no friends and crying. I am afraid of being alone and weak
I am veela, metamorphmagus, parselmouth
I have an invisablty cloak and a time turner
House: gryffindor
Birthday: March 6
Pets: Eleanor a barn owl that is all white with light brown speckles, Evie a pink Pygmy puff, Jewel a baby niffler, Phoenix a icendia magicum( looks like big fox, long ears, bright orange with black swirls, cute face with designs), Dawn a baby Peruvian vipertooth dragon, Felix a forest owlet, Stella a cruppie, Chocolate and winter are mated Inari foxes with their babies Pearl, Dusty, Rio and Raina(Rio and Raina are twins), Amethyst a purplious-felis( looks like cat with purple, blue fur with a tuff of pale blue fur on chest, white fur coming off ears, big green eyes), Violet a chamrosh (purple, looks like wolf with wings),
Favorite class: DADA
Favorite color: bright hot pink
Favorite hp book: hp and the order of the Phoenix
Favorite hp character: lily Evans/ Ginny Weasley
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