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Yule Ball Outfit! ^3^

Hi...erm. Let's try this again. *Casts Obliviate Spell*

Hey, I'm Rain Macaroon! Call me Rainy, Rain, Rainy~Senpai, whatever you want. Just NOT RAINA.
I'm a 1st-year student at Hogwarts and LEMME TELL YOU... The moment that letter came in through the front door with little wings and everything, I freaked... and I burned it. NOPE! NOPITY NOPE. Well, I guess my sister (and my best friend) got to it the second time. She screamed (A VALID REACTION). Nikki, my sis, knows way more than I do about this wizarding stuff. She made sure we knew what house she was going to get, Slytherin (yep, came true sis, "your the bomb..."). I never knew Hufflepuff would be my thing until the cute little hat. (Which I might've poked a bunch of times) sorted me into this house. And I'll say, I'm proud!! Well, I'm really, really, totally open to making new friends from ALL houses! But I must warn you, I can get a little possessive and clingy at times. So be my friend! Or not. Whatever works~~O(≧∇≦)O
Full name: Raina Arabella Macaroon
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Date of Birth: Apr. 5
House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Thing to Do: Writing...and shipping people.......
Blood status: Pure Blood
Eye Color: Green Eyes
Hair Style: Wavy, short, bangs
Hair Color: Brown
Patronus: Dolphin
Boggart: Thing from the past
Wand: Sycamore Wood, Unicorn Hair Core, 10 3/4 inches
Pet: Tabby, Ginger Cat, Meeko

Message from the owner of this OC, Madison Chiong:
Hey, everyone! Rain Macaroon is my OC Character! She is TOTALLY open for RP, however, with school and all I might not be available as much. Please go check out Nikki Macaroon, my OC's sister, and my real life BFF! Love you all! Thanks for making Rain possible as a character!!
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