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I am a slytherin, so interesting ikr *insert sarcasm here*. I may be soft on the outer core and you make think I'm a hufflepuff at first but then once you get to know me, well I get mean and pushy and blah but I still don't care just about myself. (Welp this is a run on sentence ^^)
Anywaysss, see what I did there? ssssss cause I am a SLYTHERIN snake? Get it? Get it? Wow I'm such a dork. Well I am a hufflepuff lover how nice, isn't it. I am not feeling creative right now and I am lost in the world so bye. ~Nikki :3
(My "sister", Rain Macaroon wants me to add her in my bio so there.)

Name- Nikki Macaroon
Family in Hogwarts- Rain Macaroon (check her out)
Patronus- Manx Cat
Wand- English Oak wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 1/2 inches" and slightly springy flexibility
Boggart- My brother
Age- 11
Hair color- dirty blonde; it was pink at a time due to a prank from her older brother
Eye color- Bright green
Skin- translucent pale and a little sprinkle of freckles on the nose
Pets- fluffy white persian cat named Marshmallow (almost murdered) and a very dark brown cat named Beans, A cream colored cat with blue eyes named Milk, A spotted owl named cookie
Bday- April 5
Disorders/inabilities: Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder)

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