Helen Patel

call me whatever you want

Jisoo, Peridot, Katsumi, Henry, and Sophie. Call me whatever you want... Oh. And if you are reading this... I think you are awesome. Just own it!

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Name: Helen Mary Mythli Patel, no judging!
Age: I really can't say...
Gender: Female and straight
Likes: books, chocolate, shopping, Quora, and Pinterest
Dislikes: try hards and stuck ups
Looks: soft eyes that can make people go gaga over, small nose and perfectly luscious lips, dark brown hair in the mix of curls and waves, and maple syrup colored eyes.

Purely RP characters:
Name: Jin Soo Lovegood
Gender: Male and Straight, taken by the most intelligent, caring, and crazy girl in the world: Elizabeth Granger
House: Ravenclaw
Looks like: blonde hair with dark brown eyes and chubby cheeks with slightly pouty lips. Skin color is tan.
Personality: shy, calm gentle, can be a nerd a times. I am also very loyal and also can be very stubborn.
Likes: everything good
Dislikes: everything evil

Name: Peridot Smith
Gender: Female and lesbian,single
House: Ravenclaw
Looks like: red hair, waist length hair, blue eyes, fair skin and has a natural blush, with thin lips, ususally wears dresses and skirts Personality: honest,intelligent, strategic, tough on the outside, soft on the inside, loyal
Likes: books, friends, family, and politics
Dislikes: bullies, racists, and haters in general

Mitzukuni Katsumi
Gender: Male and gay, single
House: Ravenclaw
Looks Like: strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, brown skin, usually wears suits and blazers; anything formal
Personality: happy-go-lucky, kind, caring, bubbly
Likes: cake and anything sweet
Dislikes: anyone who hates sweet stuff

Name: Henry Jarsonn
Gender: Male and straight, single
Looks: brown hair, blue eyes, thin lips
Personality: sweet, calm, traditional, laid back, rule- follower, easily distracted, easily angered, too laid back
Likes: people who respect the law and people
Dislikes: people who can’t respect at all

Name: Sophie June
Gender: Female and straight, I wont tell you...
Looks: soft, brown hair, full lips, huge brown eyes, dark skin, 5'4
Personality: sweet, intellectual, a little arrogant, caring, sophisticated, charming, a little hard to crack
Likes: the world to be a better place
Dislikes: someone to be better than her

Jisoo Lovegood:
Gender: Female and straight
Looks: pale skin, hazelnut hair, hazelnut eyes, thick lips, 5'7
Personality: shy, timid, but lovely, cute, sweet, and secretive, really secretive
Likes: romance and music
Dislikes: people who pretend to be nice, but then turn out to be backstabbers

Name: Axel Longbottom
Gender: Male and straight
Looks: tan skin, dark brown hair, piercing green eyes, thin lips, some really nice muscles, a tattoo on his right bicep that says, "A man with power can conquer the world. That's me. What about you?"
Personality: cunning, manipulative, dark, sadistic, and sometimes soft and caring
Likes: winning, torturing people at times, and flirting
Dislikes: losing, cowards, losers and people trying to get in to his soft spot

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