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I'm Gavin. I love dragons. I like new people and I'm a bit of a rebel. Haha! Telling me NOT to do something makes me want to. A LOT. *laugh* Hail Weasley Twins!

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My name is Gavin November. I grew up an only child in a pureblood family. They all expected much of me, and wanted me to be serious about life. They wanted me to be in slytherin where I could "become something." I did;t want to become anything different I liked me. I was curious, and playful. I just wanted to have friends and to have fun. My family disowned me when I was sorted into ravenclaw. Now I live with my mothers cousin, who is a halfblood. I am ready to be me at long last. T make friends. And maybe to get into a little trouble. ;)
I discovered I had a thing with animals when I was 9. Long story short I fell in love with dragons and since them have encountered 3. All of which adored me. So I am a dragon tamer. :) I love animals but especial dangerous ones. They are cute when they can kill. :P

I have long-ish honey-blond hair and hazel eyes. I play Quidditch, and a muggle game called "football." Other than that I also enjoy reading a good book. I play piano a bit, and also the french horn. And, since I have been asked by a few people, the colors I most wear are dark red, dark blue, and grey. (With an accasional light great article here and there.) :P As of now, I am (sadly) single.
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