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Don't think of me as nosy when I care about your business. It's just my way of showing my devotion to you as a stranger, friend, family and as a user

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Real Name: You, don't need to know... Do you?
Gender: I'm neutral ma'am/sir. Meaning, either look at me as a boy or a girl, or just nobody XD
Age: This is getting personal- Wait... What do I expect, of course it is! I'm not telling you my age, stranger.

Rping Rules (They're here cause' I don't want to rewrite them each time I post a starter) (Borrowed/Stole it from Enoch)
▹My rps are always Open unless I state otherwise :)
▹At least a paragraph (4 lines/sentences.) Aka Long responses
▹Well written + detailed responses as well
▹Take the rp somewhere, create conflict or make something happen!
▹Do not act like you know my characters unless you've rped with them before/the rp calls for your character being acquainted with him. (I will be the one to determine right away if our characters know each other, it will say so or hint at it in the starter.)
▹Do not God-Mod your character, make it realistic. No crazy feats of power or strength
▹Honestly I prefer when people rp in third person, but if you decide to write in first person and actually follow the rest of these rules, then I'm fine with it
▹Make sure whatever happens is logical ( in the world of the rp of course )
▹I won't reply unless your response follows all of these

Full name: Lucas Kayne Kings
Species Human
Sex/Gender: Male
Age: 16
Occupation: King of Anteactus
Accent: He has a rich, British accent.
Height: 6'1"
Eye color: Honey/Gold
Hairstyle: A morning get-up when he isn't in the mood to fix up. But, in parties, or special occasions it's neatly combed to the side, his bangs on the front, slightly covering his eyes.
Build: He has broad shoulders, and could appear female with his slender physique. But, he has the strength of five body builders
Blood Status: Muggle-born, but in his world he is determined as a full-blood
Patronus: Snowy owl
Wand: 12 1/2 inches, mahogany wood, horned serpent horn core.
House: Gryffindor
Boggart: Crowns with the tips sharp, circling his friends, and family. After the second spin, the crown impaled his friends and family. This shows his fear of the heavy responsibility on his shoulders because of the crown, and that by having the responsibility he can make a mistake and it will cost the lives of the people he is closest with.
Pets:A snowy owl like his patronus (Yuki)
Other items in possession:-A green amulet from his ancestors
-A mini crown from his brother
-An enchanted blade as a farewell gift from his people
-A leather-cover spell book with a blue gem crested on top from his world (Levia Aevum)

Skill sets:
-He is good with the sword but not as good as his knight, and friend, Noah Stone.

Hobbies/Habits/Quirks: Luca is a person who is rarely emotionally, and is closed off. He loves to see people get pissed at him whenever he acts like a know-it-all. He is usually found around the company of elders when he needs to get his mind cleared. He likes to talk with them as he thought of them as people with wide knowledge and has a unique view of life. He rubs his palms together when he's nervous, and reads books when he's stressed. He hates and is annoyed of chocolates.
Special Abilities: (Yet to be filled)
Attitude: (Yet to be filled)
Flaws: (Yet to be filled)
Attitude: (Yet to be filled)

Family Information
Father: (Yet to be filled)
Mother (Yet to be filled)
Siblings: Lilliana Kings (Youngest Sibling), Nikolai Kings (Younger Brother)
Family Background: (Yet to be filled)

My old username was Severina Malfoy. Yes, I was not originally Luca Kings. I want a change of theme. Imma be dorky, and myself from now on! I don't really care about genders, right now.
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