Aviva Clarice Adams


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Basic Information:
Name: Aviva Clarice Adams
Nickname: Vivie
Birthday: April 8th
Astrology Sign: Aries
Blood: Half-Blood
Sexuality: Bisexual

Wand: Pear wood with a dragon heartstring core, thirteen inches, rigid flexibility.
Pet: A barred owl named Trot
Patronus: Doe
Animagus: Golden eagle

Tattoos: http://farm8.static.flickr.com/7322/16275313678_ce7d0dbcbb_m.jpg
Hobbies: Flying, pranking her friends, exploring
Fears: Dementors, swimming in deep water she can't see into

My mom is a muggle-born witch, she was put into Hufflepuff, while my father was a halfblood and he was sorted into Slytherin, like me. My father always told me about the trouble he got into with his antics, and it made me excited to come to Hogwarts myself. I like playing around and pulling pranks on people, but learning about spells is fun too, though I don't really like the history side of learning. Father and mom were extremely excited when I was accepted to Hogwarts, and they busied themselves by buying my school things and telling me stories of their time at school.
I'm always ready to learn new things, but more so to go on an adventure and discover fascinating things.
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