Tiffany Marie Lupin

Student, Magizoologist

Tiffany is a Dimension Jumper. Thus is not originally from this version of Earth. She also tends to get her timelines confused.

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{Leader of the Multiverse Squad. Needs PARA RPs}

"All I have are my Creatures and my Sorrow."

Daughter of Remus Lupin & Bellatrix Lestrange. There was a dare, a potion and a curse involved. I've spent most of my childhood locked up; under observation. People said I'd probably be mad like my mother, or a Werewolf like my father. But I'm not. I am however an Obscurial. This was not helped by the fact that most of the Ministry wanted me destroyed and the rest wanted me studied. In the end of it all, someone smuggled me out. I was lucky because the entirety of the Wizarding Community was in uproar over the Dark Lord. I was taken to America where I was adopted by one "Hannibal Lecter" an esteemed Psychiatrist living in Baltimore Maryland. Despite the traumas I endured and the feeling of being unwanted, he showed me love when he could no longer show these emotions to others.

I had prayed for someone good to take me away from the Ministry, all I did was trade one type of Monster for another. But it's alright, because Hannibal taught me how to cook, he taught me how to observe and listen to others. How to blend in when I needed to. He never once hurt me, threatened me or tainted me with the monstrous things he did. But I knew his secret and he knew mine. He encouraged me to be kind, chivalrous and cautious. However due to my many years of solitude, being bullied and my Learning Disabilities I was unable to attend school for very long. So I simply read all the books he had at his office and in our home. He taught me whenever he didn't have appointments. But still, with my fear and depression and unable to practice my magic I had certain "outbursts" throughout the years. Still once I came of age my Letter had finally come. I was thrilled and terrified. I miss Hannibal so very much.

It was thanks to Professor Dumbledore and some of the Order that I was finally accepted into Hogwarts after a test run at Ilvermorny. I'm just not supposed to tell anyone who my mother is if I don't want to be glared at. I thought going to school I'd make at least one really good friend. But so far, as always I'm alone. I want family. I'm most gifted as a Magizoologist. My inspiration being Newt Scamander. So I try to hide my depression and learning disabilities by taking care of magical creatures and by pretty much hiding in the Library, by the Lake or whatever corner of the Dormitories I can study in without bothering anybody.

Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird
Wand: Sycamore wood, Phoenix feather core, 13" in length, Slightly Springy flexibility
Birthday: March 7th
Ability: Legilimency
Patronus: TBA
Creatures: A cat (Animagus Guard) named Slade,
A Niffler named: PERRY,
A brood of Bowtruckles,
A Fairy named: Merlyn,
A Salamander named: Gojira,
An Injured Vampire Bat named: Cassidy
An Injured Wyvern baby named: Smaug
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