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As a child, after my parents were killed and my godfather taken to Azkaban, I was left in the streets of London, an orphan. Soon, an orphanage took me in. I stayed there until just after my seventh birthday. After that, I left in the dead of night and took to the streets of London. I lived on the corner of Dean St. and Old Compton St. For a while, I struggled to live, barely getting enough money from begging every day to get food. There would be occasionally kind people who would give me a meal, some clothes, and a place to stay for a night, but they were few and far between. Then the old baker that used to work at the bakery that I lived beside was replaced by his daughter, Elizabeth. She was much kinder, and helped me stay alive. And then, just before my eleventh birthday, my letter from Hogwarts came. That was when Elizabeth found out who I was, Vivian Potter, the forgotten one. She has gotten me through so much, and I thank her. She gave me my first job, and made sure I was always provided for. I lived above the Leaky Cauldron during the summers until just before my eight year. From there, I camped with the Trio. After the Battle of Hogwarts, I tried to return to school, but suffered from PTSD too much to finish the year. I moved to America for eighteen years. I was offered a job as an Unspeakable after I turned twenty. I accepted, but only took missions in America or surrounding areas. On my thirty-fifth birthday, I moved back to London. While seeing my nephews James and Albus, and my niece Lily off to Hogwarts, I met up with Draco. We became quick friends, helping each other with particularly difficult missions and with life in general. We're currently engaged.
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